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Monday, May 5, 2014

Ten Steps to be successful in Network Marketing

MR.3M's here to help I  know a lot of people out there try with network marketing put in a lot of time, money and efforts and still no results that bring them a paycheck. this has happened to me to it may not be your fault. I put together ten steps that will make you successful in MLM (multi level marketing). these steps as increased my knowledge and income all at the same time if you are still having trouble you can go to my contact me page on my website and I will personal further guide you and mentor you to get the income you are looking for

1. Pick The Right Company That Works For You.

     This a very very important step for you if you are just choosing a company that was presented to you and you do love the product or service associated with the company you have already failed. Here's the reason why you wont want to talk about it to others network marketing is about marketing a companies product or service to others. Along with a great business opportunity that can make other people money just like you are doing. I have been down his road you don't like the product or service but you like the income the best thing to do is try out the products and services your self if you want to stay with the company a make your own testimony about it this will make you more comfortable talking about a product or service and you will become a subject matter expert on the products and services that company has to offer.

2. Choose The Right Sponsor

   Your sponsor is the person that put you in business to help you make extra income. Now you are in this persons down-line and he is now your up-line. you got into the business thinking this person will keep there word of helping you all the way to your success but yet this person is making money and you been in a month and have not made a dime. So now your thought is this is a scam this person did you wrong took your money and ran with it. You have not heard from him or her since you joined. this is the wrong answer your sponsor should be helping you make money as quickly as possible the 1st 30 days you should be close to making a check or already have that keeps your motivation moving a forward direction. you should be in contact or someone he or she on the daily basis or someone he or she told you will be helping you get started. if this has not happened you may have a bad sponsor. To avoid having this happen again to you ask you sponsor "what is the 30 day game plan" and "who is going to say in constant contact with me helping with anything I need for this business". If you are comfortable with what he or she has said you should be good to go with this sponsor.

3. Realize It Takes Time

   Sometime in network marketing it takes time to earn that check that will put a dent in your bills. That's the main reason people join because they are tired of living just over broke. If you just started a new job at the lowest level for a example as a cashier do you move up to a new position next week? The answer is NO you start out for t least 30 to 60 day as a cashier then you may be moved up to a supervisor position or stock etc. Which could potential earn you more money. so in MLM you can work very very hard a whole month and be in a better position in the company but its all up to you how much time you put into your business. But it still takes time it depend on you and how fast you catch on to the  business and how it works. Many people think MLM is a get rich quick scheme I am here to tell it is not what you put in is what you will get out period. so time is the key how quick you learn the company, the product or service, and how motivated you are to get the money you want to see in your bank account.

4. Have A Game Plan

   you must have a game plan this is critical to your success. If you don't know what direction you are moving in be all over he place it will reflect in you business. you have know how your going to get the word out that you have a new business that you just started and this is how potential members can reach you and find out more about what you do. 9 times out of 10 your company or up-line already has one in place for you FOLLOW the system. Don't try to make up your own you will fail every time it is already proven it works. I have in the past went down the road and tried to do it my own way it doesn't work do the game plan that has already bet set for you MLM does not involve a lot of thing on your own so don't try it. The game plan may not have been set by the company it may have been put n place by the team or group you have joined so try it 1st before you try to go rebel and do things your way.

5. Read Books By Those That Are Successful

    One thing that is very important is to stay around people that have the same mindset as you do. if you are just hanging around people that work a job and are happy with it you may want to consider hanging out more with you up-line and down-line. I'm not saying get rid of your friends but you need to stay motivated and if your a leader in you company which means you now have people that are in your down-line you need to keep them engaged in the right direction. So you need to read books that will keep you new found mindset growing in the right direction. One of my favorite books is 48 laws of power by Robert green rich dad poor dad is a great one to. there is plenty out there that will keep you on the right path. You will soon realize your way of thing is right not wrong how many people working a job has told you these books are not hard to find once you fie one you will find them all and most of them have a audio version so you can listen to it in your car.

6. Set Long Term And Short Term goals

      Goals are so important. I think a small goal is better than a large goal so what i do is set a large goal and make smaller goals to underline it meaning i will make steps to reach that goal. For example if i set a large goal for me to make 10,000 a month in a company ii would set small goals under it like tell at least 5 people about my company a day and also tell 10 people about my the product and service about the company so basically i can check off theses things on the daily basis so all together i told 15 people about my business a day 450 a month and 900 for 2 months. Now that was a example you can set you goals higher or lower depending on what you want this technique can be used for MLM and everyday life. I think this is a great tool to use  have been using it all my life it has worked for me.

7. Plug In With Your Team

   Get in with you team. If your tem has conference calls, webinar's, training calls, seminars etc. Whatever your team or group has put in place you need to join in on it most of the time you can plugin prospects to join and they can to see how your team works before they even join or try a product you want to use every avenue you can to keep your success rate moving in a upward direction to get the income you want but remember the key is to help other people and in return you will get what you want to get out of that company.

8. Study The Company Subject Matter Expert

      you want to know everything there is to know an=bout the company and its products and services. who wants to join someone that know nothing about what it is that they do? I can promise you nobody want to that at all so the 1st couple of days in the business you want to learn the company and all it has to offer to someone so you can answer any question and know the ends and outs to it all but if this goes against what your teams game plan is don't do it. What i mean is if your team wants you to know all there is to know but just pique the interest of a person and then turn this person over to your up-line to close his person out do it because it does work. I have had great success doing it both ways. But you still need to learn the company you are not trying to stay in the same position in the company you are moving in a forward direction so that means what your up-line does for you, you will soon have to do that for your own down-line so prepare yourself    

9. Tell a Many People As possible

  This is a key thing that all leaders do they lead from the front so if you cant tell anybody about your company everyday you are not setting your self up for success. you can bring it up in a convo with friends, family or total strangers. just be prepared have a business card  that you can pass out that could give them more info whether its simply sending them to your website or a recorded message or an seminar time and date. all of it works just remember this quote "Be Positioned Properly To take Advantage Of The Opportunity When It Presents Itself ". This means don't be caught off guard without your knowledge, flyers business cards web addresses, dates, times, etc.

10. have a System In Place Every Day

   If you haven't noticed all of these steps fall in place with each other one doesn't work with out the other one this is called a system you must have one in place everyday to be successful in MLM  I just gave you the tools to be successful now all you have to do is put it in place to blend in with your everyday life. It is not hard you have to always think out side the box is the that's key. Most of the time people don't make money because of themselves because they don't have a system in place or they have other things that is more important to them like watching TV, on social sites that's not helping there business, spending money at the mall , etc. these things just slow your growth and put you in debt more but theses people will go to work on time everyday to a boss that does not care about them if there back hurts today if there are sick or even having family issues but if you would have followed the systems you would not be clocking in you would be a home doing what you wanted to do like spending time with your family. if you need more help feel free to visit my website and contact me