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Monday, May 5, 2014

5 smartphone apps that can make you money

Note these apps work on smartphones only mostly androids and smartphones these 5 is what stuck out to me the most. Brought to u by MR.3M's at 

Fiverr  is one of the best apps to make money with that I have seen in a long can sell just about anything and buy the same way also. If you are a good writer you can write for people if you know how to market you can do it all from this app. You have to sign up on a laptop or computer upload your info and you are set to start making money or find some good deals. 


VIGGLE is a app for those that watch a lot of tv you get points for signing into a show that you would normally watch and the more you watch you get points and some show have a mini game you play to earn even more points for that show. You just press the VIGGLE button and it works just like shazham. The points can be used for cash, prizes or to enter in a sweepstakes and win even more. 


Ibota helps you earn rebates at your favorite store for products you want to try or already was going to buy to unlock some cash you do a 30sec survey or watch a video or both to get cash then once you purchase that item you will get the money back. Just scan your receipt and you will get cash thru pay pal 


Pact is a app that will make you keep your promise. You make a pact that you will eat 5 veggies this week or run 3miles this week pact will pay if you keep your pact you made you have to take pics to show prove that you are keeping your promise it a great app to hold you to your pact to get in shape.


You know when you go to the store and you wish your remembered that you had a cupuon for that item. Or next week a rebate comes out fear nomore Checkout 51 will make sure you get you money back for it all you do is scan your receipt and get cash back thru your pay pal account this is a great app.