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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Skinny body care

I have been doing network marketing for a long time now. I will be honest I have made some money but I have lost some to. But with this company I have positioned my self to make enough money to quit my job here soon in the near future. I am all about helping people do the same as I do. This company is so powerful not only do they cut you going out and trying to get people to join. They give you people to ensure your success they help you lock in a bright future for you and your family. I know your skeptical when it comes to you putting money I to somthing like this. We are all in the business of earning money not losing it. I completely understand have I lost money in a business beefier the answer is yes. I have learned from those mistakes I made in the past. I needed to find a business that can make me a lot of money within 3 months or less and I wanted my money I put in back ASAP because I still have bills to pay. With sbc I did just that I made my money back In ten days of joining it was a great feeling because now it's all profit. Now you probbaly say I want in right? But you don't have the money to start I will help you with that all you will need is a dollar and I can help you make enough money to get started with this company. Recently I have been introduced to a powerful tool that can make you hundreds within two days the only thing about it is it has a short income generating span so it will make you enought to join sbc and pay down some bills at the same time but that's it but it will happen all over a one dollar bill you want to know more right? My contact info Is below and I can prove this is real and not a scam!!!!  

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Friday, May 9, 2014

What it means to be a leader

A leader is a very rare value that some of us hold. There is always a leader around this person can be a motivator, a purpose fulfiller, a direction finder, a influencer, and more. This is not the type of person that would quit a task that is unfinished. He or she will complete every task that they are put up to do. A leader is ready at anytime to lead the mass to there goals or there own. It's ok if your not a leader now. As long as your a follower that's learning how to lead now u have the ability to learn from your leaders mistakes. Leaders are not perfect they make mistakes they just learn from them fast and have the ability to recover from them. They don't lose motivation to complete the task they just look at a loss a learning tool and what not to do the next time. I think to make a better leader a leader needs leaders under him or her. The reason I say this because I think a leader would make more mistakes leading alone versus having other leaders to brainstorm with them. That will create better leaders that will learn from experiences and not there mistakes. For example a CEO has a group of leaders under him or her that helps make a better descision. So if you are a leader you should begin to gain leaders under you and if you are a follower then you should have learned you need to watch your leader closer and learn from them because you will take there position sooner or later.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

11 ways to make money fast

Here below I have some fast and easy ways to make money you can also find more ways to make money on my website let's get right into it 

1. Plasma,hair,Brest milk, sperm bank, 

these ways are the best if you ask me how to get money fast. The pay on the spot the same day you do one of these 4 things. There is some paperwork you have to fill out 1st the requirements may be a little different depending on what state you live in most pay 100 or more look up the 4 choices on to find a center in your city. pets,kids and house sit 

This can potentially bring in some quick serious cash we all have probbaly watched someone's kids or pets or even watched someone's house so most of us can be considered vets at this. Post ads on craigslist, your local newspaper, soical media or just plain post flyers up they all will work in ur benifit to get you some extra cash.

3. Collect loose change. 

This is easy we all have loose change just sitting around take a second and look in your couch coushions, car, dresser, and I'm sure you will come up with some cash you didn't even know you can roll them and turn then in to bills at your local bank or supermarket. You can also you coin star but they will charge you 10 cents on every dollar unles you are getting a gift card or ecard.

4.sell stuff on craigslist and eBay. 

 Anyone with a little bit of computer knowledge can sell on Craigslist and eBay easily. This is a great way to get rid of stuff that you don't use or need and get some cash out of it with eBay your going to need to set up a paypal account Craigslist is easier if you don't want to ship and sell things locally.

5. Return past Items you brought. 

You can easily take back Items you brought. If you still have the receipt they will give you your money back the way you purchased it either cash or credit. If you don't have the receipt get store credit buy somthing and sell what you buy or use it for somthing you really want in the store.

6. Sell old clothes/ lightly worn or used items.

There is stores like Plato's closet that will buy ur old clothes and for kids old toys strollers clothes and etc once upon a child will take them off your hands and give you cash. There are many other stores like these to that will buy your clothes. Keep in mind some off them only take clothes that are in season or coming in season and they check to see if the toys are working properly. 

7. Find a driving program. 

There is companies like Lyft that will pay you to drive people around town. This is a great way to earn some cash you can get $500 or more in one weekend!!!! 

8. Recycle scrap metal.

Recycling companies always need metals and they will pay for it you can probbally find some laying around the house,in your garage,backyard, or just go plain old  dumpster diving. More people do this than you think.

9. Start your own part time gig  at home. 

There are tons of ways to make money from the comfort of you home you could start a MLM (to find out more read my blog ten steps to be successful in MLM) or visit my website 

10. Rent out ur spot 

You have that extra room in your home with nothing to do with it? Rent it out to somone not just anyone make up a good contract with the dues and donts included with the monthly rent.This one I would get a lawyer to look over 1st to protect yourself. 

11.make stuff to sell 

This one can be fun make deserts ,cakes, blankets, a forgein dish, diaper cakes, flower arangements, reefs and etc the list goes on whatever you know how to make sell it. Out ur front door or with ads or flyers it will all work 

There is more ways then this to make some extra money fast if you would like me to make another blog with more ways to make a quick buck let me know MR.3M'S signing out. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Is it really a pyramid scheme

I get this question a lot on the daily bases. Is this a pyramid scheme. I am about to tell the masses the truth. No this is not a pyramid scheme you are already in one if you have a job. What I mean is where ever you work is one. You have at the top a CEO then that CEO has his staff. From there comes mangers regional district all the way down to the store manager. The you have the workers that do all the work but get paid less to nothing for there efforts as you see in the picture below.

Some people in network marketing give it a bad name. It's not suppose to be about slef. It is about helping other point blank period I don't care what anyone tells you if they tell you somthing different they are liars. I have been in this business a long time. I have see. The good and the bad for you and your team to make money you have to help the person at the lowest level get paid. Not help yourself get paid . This is what I do I take the Foucault off of myself and put it on the team because when they get paid I get paid and now I have created a member of the team for life when they get a check for 2,000 or more and they are now defeating debt so will I. I'm not trying to all my sled here I'm just stating the facts. We all have heard the saying "you are only as strong as you weakest link" . This means you must help your weakest link get stronger in this case help them get paid period. The momment you see the person you get in making a lot of money and your not that's the point they lost you. You turn away from MLM and say it a scheme to get other people rich. That's not what it is about if you look me up on youtube I have a video that explains you need a good sponsor to make it and the rest of the ten steps will follow. This is what you need the 3M team I have will tell you I take care of them and if I am getting paid so are they. I will not and no good sponsor should not leave you out to dry. Have I been burnt before in MLM? Yes this is how I know what it feels like to think it is a scam. But I know it makes money I have the check to proof it but I have also learned that it is a team effort and everybody helps everybody to get paid.

Working a J.O.B.

               Working a J.O.B.

For us average folks a job is what we were taught to do. When you were young do you remember playing outside and you and your friends talk about what you want to be when you grow up??? You already had the mindset at a young age to got to school then college if you could and get a job. This path sets you up for working your whole life with nothin to show for it. Yeah some of us will retire after giving the work force 20 years of our time and retire struggling to maintain off of a pension. It's even worse if you ask me for a person that goes to college and has to get a loan. I say this because if you have a loan for 20,000 and you start working after college making 35,000 a year and your loan is 200.00 a month that's 2,400 a year so you now make 32,600 a year. So now you make about 2,700 a month after taxes or less. That's not including a car note, insurance, rent and food expenses. On the average more than half of college student struggle the 1st 5 years some even end up homeless or have to move back in with there parents or share a apartment with friends. Do you think this is the way it should be? I think no you can give your whole like to a job which stands for JUST OVER BROKE or you can do somthing to change the cycle so your kids don't have to go through it. When I did have a job money was tight and my kids future was not sucre I missed brithday's, holiday's, family reunions, and just good old family monuments because I wanted my kids to have the things I never did. I'm glad someone educated me on the way of thing outside the box it helped me regain those things I missed out on in life because I was working a J.O.B. . We need to learn to let our money work for us and stop trading time for dollar all Iof our life it will get us nowhere. I don't think we were put on earth not to enjoy ourselves. When most of us have time off from the job we can't do anything because we don't have the extra money to do it. Then we start thinking I wish I was at work. We must wake up and change this never ending cycle of making other people money and make us more money by letting our money work for us MR.3M'S from with another public announcement.

Family life is very important

           The Good Old Famliy Life

Family life is very important to me. It's one of those things that you hate to see go and can't wait to get back to it. I love spend time with my family at cookouts, playing games, sharing memories of times your parents and grandparents had in their lives or just being around them. The saying goes it takes a whole village to raise a child. Why have we moved away from that? Is that why the world is getting so crazy because the morals that your family would teach you went missing? I think that play a big role in the way the world is today. Families are separated they are either to far away from each other or they aren't speaking because of issues in the past. Or that one aunt uncle grandmother or grandfather that kept everybody to gather has passed away. Whatever the situation is we all should let it go and reach and contact a family memeber we haven't seen or talked to in a while and let them know they are loved and when times get hard we should have someone that's family to talk to and help. People are far from perfect I know. But we may not forget but we can forgive things that happen in the past. We must start interacting more with family that is key to change the way the world is. We have to stop letting a daycare full of strangers teach and mentor our kids. We must find time in our live to do more with them so they can learn from us. That is key a Famliy that stays together grows to gather. MR.3M's from signing out.

These are my kids I will love and mentor them as much as I can to make sure they have a better life than I did.

What is your motivation

I want to reach out and write to the people that think they don't have any motivation. 1st let's start with the definition. Motivation - the driving force that cause flux from desire to will in life. This means what makes you get up and go to work, to school, to lose weight and etc. motivation in my eyes can not be learned or taught. Only you know what makes you tick and stay postive and moving in a forward direction. I will give you a memory jogger because there is a lot of times people fall off from the goals they are trying to reach. For me my motivation is not about myself so to speak that is last 1st comes my kids. Every little thing I do is for them to sucre there future and when I am at the point when I want to quit I think about them and what would they think if I just stopped. Just that thought alone makes me push myself harder and harder to reach my goals faster and faster. Secondly my parents they raised me to the man that I am today I want to let them know I really apercaite it. So my plan for them is to retire them and me pay all of the bills so they won't have any worries and more. I could never repay then for all of the sacrifices they have have for me and my brother but I can let them know that they have meaning to me and I understand what it means to give up all for what you love and believe in. Another thing that keeps me going is my fathers and mothers words of wisdom. They have gave me a lot of words of wisdom my father always told me "you can do anything you put your mind to". I don't think he even realizes how much of a effect that line has on me but it makes me push through everyday life. My mother says "how can you go on without finishing the task at hand if you don't finish this one how can you move forward ?" So from that I never ever leave a task undone these are some of the reasons I am so successful in what I do. I think about these quotes and many more on the daily bases. Comment and let me know what drives you. From me jogging your memory of what drives me and gives me motivation you should be able to to think of your motivation and never quit.