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Monday, May 5, 2014

Is it really a pyramid scheme

I get this question a lot on the daily bases. Is this a pyramid scheme. I am about to tell the masses the truth. No this is not a pyramid scheme you are already in one if you have a job. What I mean is where ever you work is one. You have at the top a CEO then that CEO has his staff. From there comes mangers regional district all the way down to the store manager. The you have the workers that do all the work but get paid less to nothing for there efforts as you see in the picture below.

Some people in network marketing give it a bad name. It's not suppose to be about slef. It is about helping other point blank period I don't care what anyone tells you if they tell you somthing different they are liars. I have been in this business a long time. I have see. The good and the bad for you and your team to make money you have to help the person at the lowest level get paid. Not help yourself get paid . This is what I do I take the Foucault off of myself and put it on the team because when they get paid I get paid and now I have created a member of the team for life when they get a check for 2,000 or more and they are now defeating debt so will I. I'm not trying to all my sled here I'm just stating the facts. We all have heard the saying "you are only as strong as you weakest link" . This means you must help your weakest link get stronger in this case help them get paid period. The momment you see the person you get in making a lot of money and your not that's the point they lost you. You turn away from MLM and say it a scheme to get other people rich. That's not what it is about if you look me up on youtube I have a video that explains you need a good sponsor to make it and the rest of the ten steps will follow. This is what you need the 3M team I have will tell you I take care of them and if I am getting paid so are they. I will not and no good sponsor should not leave you out to dry. Have I been burnt before in MLM? Yes this is how I know what it feels like to think it is a scam. But I know it makes money I have the check to proof it but I have also learned that it is a team effort and everybody helps everybody to get paid.